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When was the last time you bought a silver pendant for yourself or your loved ones? Whatever your answer may be, as we all know the festive season is arriving and it’s high time to replace the old collections with new ones. Today we are going to display the latest silver pendants and silver lockets online from Silberry at great prices. Have a look at the piece that we are going to share or check out directly from our website. Up to you. But, don’t miss out! So, here we go.

Rose Gold Basuri Pendant with Chain

₹1,982 Colours Available: Silver/Gold Plated This subtle yet gorgeous pendant with a silver chain will never fail you to impress with the prominent design of Krishna's flute. It is suitable for all occasions at any time. So, express your devotee towards your Lord Krishna by ordering it NOW.

Gold Plated Shree Pendant with Chain

Gold Plated Shree Pendant with Chain ₹1,782 Colours Available: Rose gold/Silver Another spiritual silver pendant with a chain is also giving its contribution to Lord Shree Krishna's essentials. You can add it to your daily wear to keep your ‘Govind' in your mind and heart everywhere you go. Hurry up to grab the latest offer!

Rose Gold Fragrance Pendant with Silver Chain

₹1,982 Colours Available: Silver We're sure you'll love it because of its romantic vibe. This can be the perfect gift for any nostalgic dates to build memories together. Make better minimalistic choices by adding this evergreen solid piece to your collection. Like any other silver pendant, Silberry is also providing a chain made of sterling silver with this.

Silver Round Illusion Pendant with Chain

₹1,849 Colours Available: Rose gold The illusion based round silver pendant can be your deserving collection this year. As we mention in every collection that we focus more on quality and to avoid tarnishing, we specially coat those with six layers of rhodium. The same applies here. So, will you keep on imagining the radiance of this illusion stoned pendant? Or, will you pay a little time to check out this pendant NOW before it gets out of stock? Think and decide. Let’s move on to the next one.

Rose Gold Frill Pendant with Chain

₹1,982 Colours Available: Silver This beautifully folded silver locket is what you must crave for in this festive season. The design inspiration was taken from the petals of flowers and imitated every inch of it. Concerned about whether this idea is over-minimalistic or not? The answer is not at all. It is super light and detailed to match any gorgeous saree or kurtis. Go and check here if you want it!

Silver Mini Flower Pendant with Chain

₹1,725 Colours Available: Rose gold Are you looking forward to buying something for your lovelies? So, why not choose this one? We feel it has the charm inside that blooms the smiles of your loved ones. With its minimalistic design, this can look dreamy and fancy on any western dress.

Rose Gold Floral Pendant with Chain

₹1,643 Colours Available: Silver What to say about this? The picture is enough to describe. The damn gorgeous looking silver pendant is highly noticeable for its attractive crystal surrounded by four-clover leaves. Take a look and get ready to make a difference in your look and personality.

Silver Bouquet Pendant with Chain

₹1,627 Colours Available: Rose gold Make sure to check this one too. It is one of the finest pendant collections from Silberry. The bouquet like designed pendant is enough to compose the overall appearance. A crystal in the middle fulfils the criteria of must-have pendant collections.

Rose Gold Mermaid's Tail with Chain

₹1,688 Colours Available: Silver Lastly, this one. The mermaid tail and the strokes over it are the specialities of this silver pendant collection that will move you. What else? If nothing works best for you, blindly purchase this one for sure. Well, your choice comes first and we respect that. All we love to do is to show you our minimalistic yet gorgeous collections. **Hey, this is just NOT the end. Check some of our latest festive DUAL tone collections launched here. That’s all about today. See you soon with our more latest pendants and other collections. Just to let you know, Silberry is always here for YOU. For now, take care and have a great day!
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