5 Health Benefits of Silver

“Health is Wealth”- we all have come across this straightforward statement that pushes us to keep health as our priority. Today's blog is all about that; unveiling the fascinating connection between silver and health. So, without any further delay, let’s have a glance at each of those health benefits of silver.

Leads You To a Positive Life

When you have a positive mindset, no one can stop you from being healthy enough physically and mentally. It all starts and ends with the single word ‘positivity'. Wearing jewellery made of silver like ‘Kada’ is known for its ability to resist the magnetic energy present in our bodies, as said during Ancient times and believed by most Sikh communities till today. So, get one for yourself and feel the therapeutic relief. You can check out the silver brand Silberry's very own Kada collections by just clicking here.

Regulates Internal Body Heat

Internal body heat is the reflection of what you eat, what you feel, and what you do in a day. More internal heat is produced in our body, more digestive, mental, and physical issues you will face. Of course, it cannot be eliminated directly, but all we can do is control it. To regulate internal body temperature, few simple steps are enough to follow such as drinking lots of water, eating the right food, exercising daily, and so on including wearing silver that claims to function effectively regarding the same. Like how? Because of its natural cooling effect that balances external electrical disturbances. Hence, helps to distribute the heat in every part of the body promoting blood circulation on another hand.

Fight Against Infections

Through many sources and studies, it is found that silver acts as a shield and as an anti-microbial agent. Back in 4000 B.C.E., the use of silver for different treatments related to fighting back bacterial wounds, cuts, or infections by boosting the immune system of the body. You may be wondering about whether there’s any science behind it or not? Yes, little but there is for sure. This mechanism disrupts oxygen compounds in bacteria causing germs, keeping our blood vessels elastic for fast healing. Even, most skin creams are made up of a silver constituent named SSD (Silver Sulfadiazine) to treat skin burns and infections which is highly approved by doctors. However, there’s still no sure evidence following the contribution of silver to have a strong response against infections and the common cold. But past and ongoing studies can’t deny the 1% changing effect that they leave on skin infection.

Get Rid of Toxins

Toxins are dangerous and reactive, as we know, and to locate toxins present in any material is easy if we wear silver jewellery. Unlike other metals, it releases less or has almost no toxins which is a confident point about silver. Thus, it can be used as a detector, for example, it can change into a different colour when it gets reacts with a high level of sodium or excessive oils residing in your skin which is a form of toxic too. Now, do you know why most house keys are made of silver? We think you know the reason. Yes, you guessed it right. Because of its non-toxicity and also, of its non-allergic factors that make them become the most preferable for general uses.

No Germs, No Health Problems

As simple as that. Silver utensils, no doubt, are available in every kitchen of houses. It rather comes under traditional beliefs to use it for better cleansing and obviously to get free of germs. As a result, keeping you safe and healthy. The inevitable traits of silver were early recognized in the period of Vedas and Aryans, where it was used as easy-to-clean and as basic storage for food and drinks. So, never dare to underestimate their power by mistake! And still, more to go with these never-ending health facts about silver. An all-rounder and A-lister despite not being so glamorous compared to gold, or diamond, etc. Somewhat gives us the strength to work on ourselves and respect our inner selves because this is what matters in the end. So, express your silver! It’s time to say goodbye to you all lovelies, for now stay safe & have a great day. Check out our new silver collections here at www.Silberry.in
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