5 Must-Have Features To Check Before Buying Silver Jewellery From Any Brand

Today’s blog is all about bringing you awareness about certain must-have features to check before buying silver jewellery from any brand. Let’s have a quick peek at those.

1. BIS Hallmarked

When it comes to evaluating the quality of silver, the first feature you should check is whether the jewellery is BIS hallmarked or not. BIS which stands for Bureau of Indian Standard is the trusted agency registered under the government of India that helps to indicate the purity of the silver. What are the signs to determine whether the silver jewellery is particularly BIS hallmarked or not? Here are the factors:
  • BIS marked standard logo
  • Degree of purity marked
  • Hallmarking Centre's/Assaying number

2. Above 90% Silver Purity Certified

In any silver jewellery brand, mentioning silver purity or providing a certificate of authentication to the customers is a must-to-do. Not only does it popularizes the brand, but it also gives customers a valid reason to believe in their products. Now, how to check silver purity?
  • Silver must be 92.5% or more
  • Bleach Test- Put a few drops of bleach on the silver product. If the silver turns black, that means it’s real.
  • Ring Test- This is a common test to perform where you can determine the real silver by dropping it on a surface and check whether it sounds like a ringing bell or not. If not, then it’s mixed less with silver and more with different other materials.
However, there are many alternative tests to determine the same that you can easily find on the internet.

3. Rejuvenation Service

We've finished with the quality matter, now it’s time to point up other must-have features that you should look at before buying silver jewellery from any brand website. Rejuvenation Service is one such feature that you should consider checking because it’s worth it. Be it any kind of product, it’s unfair not to give access to rejuvenation services of a minimum of 6 months. Why you should look for a rejuvenation service?
  • For getting further benefits
  • For a better understanding of the brand
  • Remember, it’s you who have paid for it.

4. Brand History

Every brand's 'About' section plays a significant role in expanding your knowledge about the brand. Similarly, a silver jewellery brand has a lot to say about its history of their belief, culture, designs, inspiration, and stories. A tour to their website that inculcates you to buy and refer their products to others as well. With the presence of brand history, it takes 2x times to reach and understand their products effortlessly. Talking about our brand Silberry, we are proud of sustaining in the silver jewellery industry serving for more than 20 years. Owing to the growing trend and to serve the customers in a better way, the website was launched last year. If you are new, then know us more at our website www.Silberry.in

5. Easy to Return, Refund, And Make Payment

In a busy life situation, people including you will look for easier modes of payment, refund or return. So, make sure you go through the brand policy for later exchange, refund, and also payment modes. What are the services you should expect from a jewellery brand?
  • Presence of both online and offline modes of payment
  • All-over India delivery service
  • Flexible refund or return system
  • Instant pop-up notification
Keep in mind that the ultimate motive of the brand should be to give you a handy experience. For the last 5 years, we have seen a massive proliferation in the silver jewellery industry which is a way positive. On the same hand, the major question comes upon credibility due to the same demand. So, from now on be alert while you order silver jewellery from a brand. We believe this blog did gave you a brief insight into 5 must-have features to check. Stay informed and have a great day! Checkout our exclusive range of silver jewellery at www.silberry.in
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