How to Style Minimal Silver Jewellery?

Welcome back! This blog is going to be super cool and special for you guys. We're damn sure about it as it’s all about minimal jewellery, the current trend and one of your favourite must-haves. The term ‘minimal' derives from mini which eventually means tiny and we’re so crazy about it that it surely recalls back the phrase: “Small things can lead to big moments”. That’s where the speciality lies. So come on, let’s get started with how to wear minimal jewellery on all occasions under the guidance of Silberry-the stupendous beauty of silver.

With Casuals

The arrival of minimalistic designs has indeed changed the viewpoint of doing fashion with casuals. Match minimalist silver pendant/earrings with any casuals it just steals the limelight. As a result, it suddenly fills up your attitude with street smartness aka your self-confidence in other words. Looking for such types of collections? Here we have our Silberry- a complete devotee of minimalism. Take a look at our very own silver collections. To scroll, check here.

With all Whites/Blacks

When in confusion wear black. When in no mood wear white. And, when in the move to create subtle impressions, choose any of these. Here, we aren’t going to play rules on how to style minimal jewellery with your black/white outfit because they have no rules. Instead, all we want to say is to give it a try.

With every Indian Kurtis

And goes on… Kurtis deserves no extra unnecessary effort to enhance its look. Hence, styling minimal silver jewellery with kurtis is the right decision you can take for yourself. Proper guidance to style minimal kind of jewellery can be as follows:
  • Going for round centric jewellery such as silver stud earrings.
  • Wearing not-so decorative bracelets that cover up your wrist.
  • Or, take time to look for minimal stoned jewellery/necklace/pendants. You can check our latest collection of pendants here.
We also have a rose gold version of minimal silver jewellery that you can hop on for once.

With any Formals

This is the best-proven tip ever for you on how to style minimal jewellery. All in all, a silver bracelet or a silver kada with those formal outfits share great bonding with one belief which is to look clean, simple, and presentable. Take a few minutes of your time to get amazed by our few great collections. All for you!

With your Favourite Dress

For more such designs, check out Minimal jewellery takes you on a short adventure to a fictional place making you feel like a Disney princess. So, pick your favourite dress and match it with a pendant/earrings that reflect your charm and glory in no other way better than this. Use code FLAT300 to get ₹300 off on all purchases from Silberry above ₹2000.

With your Everyday look

By that time, you surely get to know about the significance that minimal jewellery holds in every woman's life. It will be your too if you add it up in your everyday collection. It looks so regular yet feel forever connected along with having the skill of embroidering the cores of your part. So, no doubt, minimal wins back again!

With Tomboy wears

Are you someone who is a doppelganger of how a tomboy style? Then, styling your minimal collections with this look just nailed it. According to our suggestion, multilayer chains look best with it. Ensure that there should be no overdoing of something that looks irrelevant. You can break the rules to make your own rules of how to style minimal jewellery. It is equally important to accessorize yourself with the best of best quality silver jewellery. The trend of wearing minimal jewellery is always up, you need to choose the right one for your occasion. Have a great day with lots of love and positive energy! Till then, keep ordering and shopping minimal collections from Silberry. Let us know about your experience by DM-ing us in contacts shared in our website.
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