5 Tips On How to Take Care of Silver Jewellery: DIY Methods, Dos and Don’ts, & Many More

5 Tips On How to Take Care of Silver Jewellery: DIY Methods, Dos and Don’ts, & Many More

Silberry presents its version of how to take care of silver jewellery followed by DIY methods, dos and don'ts, and many more. As to look youthful, blemish-free, and glowing we take care of ourselves in various ways by trying out the best products, exercising regularly, eating fresh, and hydrating ourselves constantly. So, don’t you think your silver jewellery collections deserve equal nurture and care from you? In short, to prevent tarnishing and dullness, they also need your utmost care.

Tip 1. Use Soft Cotton Cloth

Rubbing a soft cotton cloth on a silver piece is what so-called touch-up base of every cleaning method. Just ensure that the cloth is fully dry and clean. It not only dust off the dirt but also enhances the overall look of the jewellery piece from top to bottom. Also, consider using better quality for better polishing and care for silver jewellery. Just like our Silberry provides a special high-quality cleaning cloth that gives your jewellery an impression of a detailed finish.

Tip 2. Avoid Using…

Here are a few things that you should avoid while you wear Silberry's silver collections or any silver pieces from other brands.
  • Water: Whether you clean your silver earrings using a wet cloth or go for a shower with your jewellery on, just avoid doing it for god's sake. Especially if the jewellery is made of sterling silver, then there’s no chance to get back its shinning effect.
But why? Water contains chlorine, iron, or any other chemicals (depending on the type), it allows the chemicals to react and snatch away the anti-tarnishing properties of your silver made jewellery. Although our brand Silberry provides six layers of rhodium coating that prolongs shine and tarnishing, anyway taking precautions is always a better choice.
  • Chemicals and Perfumes: It’s the easiest way to tarnish your jewellery without any effort. To avoid this mistake, it’s recommended to simply let the perfume dry at first before wearing it. Or, apply a little powder/talc then wear the perfume. Follow either of these.

Tip 3. Use DIY Method to Clean

The proliferation of social media days have approved several instant-proof DIY methods for any issue. Like the one we are going to share our one and only favourite DIY method to clean silver jewellery. To describe this method, it’s easy, handy, and natural. Wherever, whenever. Take a quick look.
  • Water + Baking Soda: Looks simple to do right? Yes, it is. Just you need to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 2 teaspoons of water. Mix it well and apply the paste gently with the help of your old toothbrush or any cleaning material. Wash it off and see the difference!

Tip 4. Keep it in a Proper Storage

Keeping things in a proper place is a must-to-do habit cultivated by all of us at different ages. When in no use, placing it somewhere shows a negative gesture towards that particular thing. The same applies to silver wears. Store it in an air-tight bag or a box to avoid losing its glossy and tarnish-free look. That’s it!

Tip 5. Go for Rejuvenation Service

The last and foremost method to take care of silver jewellery are to go for rejuvenation services only if it’s needed. A good rejuvenation service is defined by its terms of use, method, instant response, budget-friendliness, and high-quality materials used for cleaning purposes. Silberry lets you experience its rejuvenation service free for 6 months.

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Note that the above tips are much effective for sterling silver types. Just a little maintenance and avoidance is enough to take care of silver jewellery. The rest is up to the product's composition which depends on factors as mentioned below:
  • Nickle and Tin free silver products.
  • Must have 92.5% silver purity.
  • Hallmarked Certified
  • High-quality Rhodium-plated
  • With cubic zirconia A++ quality to have a premium glossy appearance.
Silberry is delighted to have all these factors include in its silver products at better prices. Because for us YOU come first. Sign up for our website www.Silberry.in for further enquiry, updates, and many more. Or, Mail us here at listen@silberry.in Have a great day!
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