Sterling Silver Jewellery #Trends Since 2020

The year 2020 took a U-turn in choosing things that matter at first. That is, people are now more aware. The same is being followed in 2021-the year of change. And, there’s no wonder in saying that sterling silver is one of those that has a sudden proliferation in people's demands. Do you know why? Because people are subjectively prioritizing minimalistic designs aka sterling silver for daily purposes over ornamental designs. If you don’t believe it, just check Instagram feeds and you'll get to know the difference between before and after the pandemic. It’s just a brief about sterling silver as a trend. We at Silberry are going to give you a complete guide on sterling silver jewellery trends from 2020. Including sterling silver bracelets, and other silver jewelry. To know more, take a quick read.

#Sterling Silver Necklace/Pendants

From wearing minimal pendants to layer necklaces made of sterling silver, they are just ruling the world right now. Feel free to match those with a crop top or any day to day wear or, even in a formal situation. Not only did it come under the lockdown trends but also, made a comeback with bringing the traditional sense of styling necklace with every outfit in the era of 80s-90s. Check out our latest silver necklace/pendants collections online here.

#Sterling Silver Subtle Earrings

Subtle earrings are the forever cravings for almost every young woman. Known for its highlighted point with sharp detailing to look stunning on your ears. The power of influencers in today’s world has made necessary ideas/things go on-trend. Sterling silver made studs are surely one of their favourites that made it popular in every means. Presenting you Silberry's collections of earrings, click here.

#Sterling Silver Bracelets

Bracelets made of sterling silver are the pride. The importance of sterling silver starts with its glossy bracelets collection, giving a premium-like look. That is, there’s no doubt in its competence to be in the same field where diamonds and platinum collections of bracelets lie. Since the entrance of Covid-19, the idea of keeping savings and buying limited stuff at affordable prices has begun. The same goes here when it comes to going for sterling silver bracelets at cheaper prices rather than diamond/platinum/gold bracelets that cost you a penny. Now, complement your style by buying from our silver bracelet collections from Silberry here. Trends come and go while the shine of sterling silver stays the same- one of a kind. Whatever it may be, in the end, you can’t just ignore the growth of people showing love towards it. We wish the same from you for our emerging brand Silberry. Check out our day to day updates, collections, and reviews here. Keep shining and have a great day!
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